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27th May 2016, 7:15 PM
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Author Notes:
Obviously the current schedule isn't working. I'm going to shift some things around, see if I can't get back to a 3-4 day/page schedule.
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User comments:
texsoroban (Guest)
take your time my friend. put your update as "when I can" we will wait. impatiently, vocally, but wait we will. now to the comments. is the gravity coming back on? how is he getting the leverage to slam the bird down without flying around himself?
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Foz (Guest)
He bouncd off the ceiling, and on his way down, he grabbed the birds legs and swung it down, landing at the same time.

2 down :)
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Ms. Wolf (Guest)
Here's a good training overview of moving in micro gravity.
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tiredtait (Guest)
A.G.fu's 6th precept, "there is energy found in angular momentum". Lets hope Mr birdie doesn't uave hollow bones.
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Brian (Guest)
This is one of those rare webcomics where I don't completely lose track of the plot and characters after a few days. So no damage done.
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