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2nd Jun 2016, 3:16 PM
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Brian (Guest)
Yup. She's really shining in the panel, all right.
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Foz (Guest)
Body tackle. That looks like it hurts.

However, it is potential for a turn around, depending on her actual physical strength.

I'm guessing with her having full on contact (i.e. gravity have no bearing if she can hold on to them), this is where we can see her shine.

The alternative is that she is going to really suck, they are captured and then they have to work their way out of this as captors.

I really hope not though.
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texsoroban (Guest)
OH yeah. when you grab your face after being slapped you are not fully mentally prepared for a fight. and the three are not back up. it looks as though they were a bit tougher that was expected. I thought for sure the bird was out though.
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