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16th Jul 2016, 11:10 AM
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Guest (Guest)
FINISH HER! *yanks purplease tube* "KRAK". Fatality

That puts the current score at Miss Birch 3, Ltd Walsh 1, Stow Aways 0. Looks like now is a GREAT time for Ms. Birch to make a sneak attack
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Bear (Guest)
Just a note, but Hazel killed Mz Purple and Mr Green twice. Both had mortal wounds; Mr Green had already a broken back and was literally holding his intestines in his arms, and Mz Purple was asphyxiating without her air supply. They'd have suffered through slower, more horrible deaths over the next few minutes to an hour If Hazel hadn't done the skull-breaking and neck-breaking for them, respectively.

Beaky had already been head-slammed by Sam and might have been otherwise injured, but was still awake and functioning and probably wouldn't have died otherwise. So Hazel only killed him once.
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our lil' Ms Birch, the shrinking violet turns out we got a badass up in here. Mr. Ogre is a tough nut and I hope Hazel can hep Lt. Walsh with him.
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Anthony (Guest)
Triple Kill!
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